Radiant nine-patch

For the first time ever, I am going take some quilts to the “sale room” at QuiltFest 2013 and I realize I never posted about this quilt (which is on my sell list).  Last year when I was trying to decrease my stash, I ordered the book Radiant Sunshine and Shadow: 23 Quilts with Nine-patch Sparkle by Helen Frost and Catherine Skow and really enjoyed playing with the technique of color blending using 3 inch nine-patch blocks of two surrounding colors.  I picked three fabrics and started building from the middle.  I cut and sewed as I went along because I did not know how far my yardage would go.

The quilt finished at 57″ square.  I had one yard each of the light and medium fabrics and three yards of the dark but had to purchase some coordinating broadcloth to complete the backing and the binding.

I will report back on this first foray into marketing my wares.

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Back at the machine and loving it

I recently saw a quilt on Lisa’s Red Headed Mermaid blog that got my juices flowing.  I printed one of the photos and started playing.  Had to have a few tips from her along the way but here is how it is evolving.  I could hardly believe I was having so much fun building it!


Now to sew it together, add a border and piece a back with the left-overs!

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Recovery stitching

Wouldn’t you know that just when I felt like sewing again, I was forced to restrict my activities to let my poor back heal.  I tried to mostly read and watch Netflix but after a while I needed more variety.  So I picked up a hand piecing project that had been living in my suitcase to keep me occupied during my travels.  This project has a long history.  I started out wanting to do a Rose Star using a kite template.  But as you can see from my 12″ floor tiles, these were going to be huge hexagons


So I looked at a layout with just two rounds of kite pieces instead of five and decided that was more feasible.  I cut some bright scraps to sew a test block.


After making the bright block, I started down a different road and finished this little quilt last November.

Then I picked up the purple/yellow pieces as my travel project.  I didn’t have many blocks left to sew when I recently pulled the baggie from my suitcase so the focus changed to joining them all together.  But after I got them on my design wall, I was not pleased with the look–a real de-motivator when it comes to hand piecing.  I had successfully “sashed”the bright quilt so I looked through my stash for something to make the new blocks more cohesive and I’m happy with my choice.  I don’t have a template for the side squaring triangles so I cut them bigger and will trim later.  The border strip is only laid on top in the last photo and only one side of the “sashing” is sewn.


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12 x 12–Idiom theme

This will catch up the group’s output so far (July theme).  Sadly I did not complete a quilt for this theme either (my excuse this time was a back injury which involved lots of drugs) but I do have an idea and hope to have three quilts to show at the September meeting.

Diane chose “as high as a kite.”


Melinda picked “hold your tongue” and “button your lip” and named her quilt Quiet Zone.


Mary Ann’s idiom “burning the candle at both ends” was perfect for her as I think she must never sleep.

Sharyn selected “as full as a tick.”

Kathy chose “back to square one.”


Linda depicted “time flies.”


Vicki showed multiple scenarios of  “fish out of water.”


Karen portrayed her personal vision of “cut loose.”

Bonnie depicted “It’s a piece of cake.”


I won’t tell you the idiom I plan to depict in case (as usually happens for me with these little art projects) I have to change my mind 🙂

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12 x 12 Season theme

I did not make a quilt for this theme.  I had a few ideas but none were good enough to motivate me.  In addition, I missed the meeting because I was out of town so I did not hear the stories attached to the variety of interesting interpretations.

Kathy’s shows a dreaded part of our Floridian year

SAM_4190_3Linda’s definition never occurred to me but I can really relate to this one

SAM_4198Diane’s–isn’t her rake adorable

SAM_4201Karen’s is full of fancy stitching

SAM_4210Vicki’s back is a great match for her “hot” front


Sharyn dressed her dolls in seasonal outfits and found four great fabrics for her back


Melinda’s is a touching reminder to all of us quilters

SAM_4130Guess I need to get to work on mine–before our two-year project ends 🙂  I hate failure!

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12 x 12 Sunshine theme

While I am still not sewing much, I may as well catch up what has been going on in my guild’s 12 x 12 group.  Sunshine was the theme in (ahem) March–so many weeks ago, I’ll just let the quilts speak for themselves.

Mine was not very inspired and I hated it until I added the pleated ribbon and beads.

SAM_3482 SAM_3483

Melinda’s, front and back…




Kathy’s…I hid some facial features because her husband joked that he was wanted in several states.


Sharyn’s was an exquisite embroidery of the Mayan Sun God, inspired by a trip she and I took took in February.  (Note the corn border!)










Next theme (for May) was “Seasons.”  Coming soon.

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Now what was I doing?

I have not been quilting… or blogging… or even reading the blogs I follow.  My apologies for the absence of comments where I usually leave them.  I have just been spending my spare time doing other things–exploring the wonderful parks and preserves around Jacksonville combined with geocaching which is sort of treasure hunting with a GPS device.  You can read about it at http://www.geocaching.com.  I also bought a bicycle a few weeks ago and have been riding on the beach which is heavenly.  Next up, exploring some of the nearby rail trails (abandoned rail lines which have been turned into recreational areas) by bicycle.

I did go into the sewing room a few days ago and wondered what I was doing when I went missing.  On my design wall is a D9P inspired by a quirky focus fabric.  (The solid blue makes more sense in person.)


It looks a lot different than the initial blocks.  But while I’m confessing, I might as well show you the wrong road I started going down.  Even trying multiple arrangements, that red just did not work in larger chunks!  So, still loving my seam ripper 🙂  I’m thinking about adding a small red border–hopefully in 2013!


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