My name is Carol Gilliland and I come from a family of quilters but did not even learn to use a thimble until 2002 when I turned 53. My mom had some small hand-pieced triangles she had inherited from her mother many years earlier. Mom added baskets and sashing to complete a Scrappy Basket quilt. Then she suggested that the two of us hand quilt it. I can’t remember why I said yes but my life was profoundly altered at that moment. I got the fever–and a cherished three-generation quilt.

6 Responses to About

  1. I was going to ask how you came up with the name quiltfever for your blog – now I know.

  2. Lisa says:

    Wow! Now you are a quilter! Fabulous. I am going to take my time going through you past posts. I know I won’t be disappointed. Nice to meet you Carol! oxo

  3. Carol, I’m discovering you and I are the same age! How lucky are we.

    So do you do any machine quilting? What I know of Ricky Tims is that he’s as far from applique as you can get (I think). So I’ll be very eager to hear what you think of this upcoming workshop. I did a Convergence quilt using his instructions, loved how it turned out, but never finished it – perhaps because it was in a palette I wasn’t crazy about. Someday…

  4. Donna Denning says:

    Carol, although we have been close friends for many years, I am thoroughly enjoying reading your quilt history. Folks, I have seen first-hand Miss Carol in ‘quilt fever’ action and she does beautiful work. I’m looking forward to future posts!

  5. Liz says:

    Fascinating to read about how you caught the bug. Do you think your mom knew you would get hooked if you just had a taste?

  6. Peggie Marinos says:

    I am a new friend & neighbor of Donna”s, I am a long time quilter and have settle down to small quilts depicting birds, bird houses and etc. in my old age. I get a lot of ideas and patterns from “Keepsake Quilting” catalog. I am looking fordward to meeting you someday.

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