Tumbler progress and a little process catch up

I forgot to show you what an unexpectedly tough time I had choosing a border and then a binding for the first bento box.  There were so many colors in it, I thought the choice would be easy but it definitely was not.  I’m hoping I have enough of both choices for the second quilt (and that I still like them after I add some new blocks).  Border auditions…


and binding auditions…


Anyway, moving forward toward two more finishes, I used up three batting scraps for the new tumbler and the red border is a fabric I have had forever.  I had to cut my border strips smaller than the first little tumbler to fit the pieced batting and will machine quilt this one.


I love the border fabrics on the first tumbler except that the outer one is a bit on the flimsy side.  Note to self–always use a more stable fabric for outer border.  I decided to use the same fabric for binding but before I sew it on, I squared the corners and basted 1/8 inch from the edge of the quilt to add stability.  I think it’s going to “feel” really good, but I’m not looking forward to the rest of the sewing.  Not to mention that AFTER I trimmed the mitered binding seams and was pressing them open, look what I noticed!


About quiltfever

I retired in 2004 and have never missed the 8-5 grind even for a minute. Now I spend my time reading, traveling, quilting and trying to learn new things like Spanish and blogging.
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11 Responses to Tumbler progress and a little process catch up

  1. OH says:

    Another beauty!

  2. jennyklyon says:

    I like the first choice on border for the Bento Box. As to the piecing issue on your border fabric-well, I’ve NEVER done that myself…..!

  3. Debra says:

    Your Bento Box quilt is gorgeous, I love all the bright happy colours. Always great to be able to use fabric from stash

  4. Somehow I don’t believe Jenny. And really, didn’t you mean to do that!?

  5. ali says:

    It’s great to see your process, and this post reminds me that I can often see choices better through a picture than I can in the moment. The camera and image give some distance, I think. As for your binding, it’s reassuring to know it happens occasionally to an experienced quilter like your self and not just to “monkey hands” me!

  6. Linda says:

    That binding thing….I think I add each piece to the length in the very same way, and then voila! One piece is backwards! BTW, I took your advice about not pressing the binding before sewing, but I have gone back to the old way. You?

  7. Lani Longshore says:

    My friend Ann Anastasio says you pay for the back as well as the front so you might as well use it.

  8. debmoyes says:

    Actually I like all the border choices but the yellow dotty (?) one. It all depends on what colors you want to pull out. That was a fun bunch of pictures. Auditioning can be fun…or not…if you’re in a hurry to finish!

  9. Auntie Em says:

    I often spend more time picking borders than I do picking the center fabrics. Taking pictures of comibinations is a great idea.
    Sorry about the “oops” when piecing the border. Been there many times!

  10. Lisa says:

    Great finishes! I really love your bento box quilts, they seem to be bouncing! Haha.

  11. Oh no! Don’t you just hate that?! The quilts are looking sooo good.

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