Mourning Jules progress

The last three heart rows have been added for a full heart design.  Only three rows to go and then the border which I am going to attach by machine.  When I started hand piecing this quilt I did not have a deadline in mind but since the one year anniversary of Jules’ passing is only about a month away, I feel compelled to aim for that date.  I know it won’t be hand quilted by then but I’m thinking if I can at least get the top together,  that will a very special tribute to my very special man.


About quiltfever

I retired in 2004 and have never missed the 8-5 grind even for a minute. Now I spend my time reading, traveling, quilting and trying to learn new things like Spanish and blogging.
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6 Responses to Mourning Jules progress

  1. I can’t think of a nicer tribute. I hope the hours that you have spent creating it have brought you some lovely memories.

  2. Carol says:

    I remember when we were looking for possible fabrics for this quilt at the last Quitfest – it was just an idea in the planning stage – you hadn’t even decided on the colors or the pattern. You have come a long way since then – in every sense of the word. I know that many fond memories are stitched into this quilt – what a treasure. See you soon – only three more days.

  3. Lisa says:

    I love it! What a treasure to have made and now be able to enjoy snuggling under.

  4. debmoyes says:

    Very pretty. I do like the colors. Will it be a lap quilt or a throw on your bed?

  5. Wow. This piece is breathtaking, not only in design and execution but also in how far you are on your journey of grieving and this unwanted but different chapter in your life.

  6. Having the top done for the first anniversary is a very good goal. I hope it continues to give you strength in your grieving process.

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