Visible headway on multiple projects

Using my quilt frame for hand quilting has been putting a strain on my left (under quilt) wrist so Tumbling Stars has not gotten much attention lately.  Rest, ice, aspirin, a new magnetic bracelet–non were really improving the situation so I just decided I would have to live with a little pain.  Bottom line, the outline quilting around the large hexagons is finished.  Now onward to finish the stars/diamonds using a hoop.  There are too many directional changes to do this quilting on the frame.

Mourning Jules is easy evening stitching and, as per the name, is proving to be an excellent healing activity.  Seven rows completed, fourteen to go.


About quiltfever

I retired in 2004 and have never missed the 8-5 grind even for a minute. Now I spend my time reading, traveling, quilting and trying to learn new things like Spanish and blogging.
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6 Responses to Visible headway on multiple projects

  1. Carol says:

    Can’t wait to see Tumbling Stars hanging in the quilt show – it’s such a pretty quilt. Seems like the “no pain no gain” motto has infiltrated the quilt world. I’m glad Mourning Jules is having the effect that you’d hoped for. He was such a supporter of your passion for quilting. He is with you in every stitch. What a treasure.

  2. What a great post. What a great blog entry title! I may have to borrow it – except I’d need to put “in” in front of it. I’m so scattered and working on too many things. Think I’ll slow down and set some goals for the year. I love your Mourning quilt – it’s already beautiful.

  3. jennyklyon says:

    I love seeing the progress on your quilt-it is beautiful!

  4. Lani Longshore says:

    Glad you are making progress, but even more so to see you are respecting your wrist! A little pain for art is one thing, but our joints will punish us if we push too hard.

  5. liz says:

    I didn’t realise you were hand piecing Mourning Jules. It does look terrific and I am glad to hear it is proving a useful therapy. Perhaps you should avoid the quilt frame if it is bothering your wrist?

  6. Lisa says:

    Great progress! The pain we feel with the hand sewing is annoying, but totally worth it when you see your wonderful hand stitching. Very inspiring!

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