History (2006) intersects with present

My quilting and blogging have been on the back burner for a few months but a recent road trip has stirred my interest again.  I had a trunk load of heavy items I wanted to deliver to Jules’ children and a friend in Baltimore I wanted to visit.  So my mom and I packed the car and headed north on I-95.  My dear friend Onitta was such a support to me during Jules’ illness so I took her a quilt (which I happened to make in 2006–just where my quilt history on this blog left off).  My mom hand quilted it so it was a gift from both of us.

This quilt was the beginning of my rectangle series from Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles by Judy Turner and Margaret Rolfe.  Also that year were quilts for my cousin Wanda in Wyoming and my friend Donna in Atlanta.  I will be making a trip to Atlanta soon and will try to remember to get a photo of Donna’s finished quilt!

Mom and I decided to avoid Washington, DC on the trip home so we headed west from Baltimore then south on Skyline Drive in Virginia.  We both enjoyed our relaxed drive home through the mountains.

About quiltfever

I retired in 2004 and have never missed the 8-5 grind even for a minute. Now I spend my time reading, traveling, quilting and trying to learn new things like Spanish and blogging.
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7 Responses to History (2006) intersects with present

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh Carol those rectangle quilts are beautiful. So many different options there. I’ll have to check out that book. Glad you got out on the road and had a nice trip. A change of scene is always a good thing. oxo

  2. jennyklyon says:

    Road trip-sounds fun!

  3. Lani Longshore says:

    The quilts are lovely! I remember Skyline Drive fondly – I learned to drive on parts of it. Glad it provided a respite from the Beltway.

  4. Ali says:

    What beautiful quilts, Carol! I love the blues and yellows in Onitta’s quilt. The deer in the woods made me think of home–New Hampshire, not Beijing. Lovely drive! Now, what does it say on your tee-shirt? : ) The image looks like a quilt, and I can make out some of the words but not all.

  5. Liz says:

    By coincidence I just pulled my copy of that book off my bookshelf yesterday. I saw something in there that called to me too. It such a simple idea but very effective. Yours looks very striking. I bet your friend values it dearly.

  6. Great to see these pictures. My Chicago Modern Quilt Guild is doing a Round Robin and this month’s task is “rectangles.” Thanks for priming the creative pump!

  7. debmoyes says:

    Sounds like a great road trip. I do know the Skyline Drive is gorgeous. Glad to hear that quilting and creativity are in your future…. ;-D

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