Do you see a problem?

I’m working on the next column of tumbling stars, trying to be careful that my diamonds get stitched in the correct positions.  This half-hex edge filler should have been easy 🙂  At least I only have to redo 2.5 inches of hand stitching instead of a whole surround.  While we’re this close, I might as well admit the color scheme for this quilt was inspired by a couple of my ugliest fabrics, one of which is prominent in this photo.  I’m sure you can guess which one!

About quiltfever

I retired in 2004 and have never missed the 8-5 grind even for a minute. Now I spend my time reading, traveling, quilting and trying to learn new things like Spanish and blogging.
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6 Responses to Do you see a problem?

  1. Lisa says:

    Don’t you hate that? At least it’s only a little bit to rip out. I think I know which fabric you were not over the moon about, funny how they grow on you right?!

  2. This is why my seam ripper is my most go-to tool! Maybe the least-beautiful fabric is (what appears to be) pink and gray “worms,” although it does offer good movement and contrast!

  3. Deanna says:

    I see no ugly fabrics. It is going to be beautiful.

  4. I like the fabrics in the combination you showed, which is usually the way it works with uglies, right? One of my friendship groups decided to do an ugly fabric swap. We were so pleased with the results we’re going to display some of them together at the Amador Valley Quilters quilt show in April.

  5. debmoyes says:

    I am glad to hear that someone else does that too! DH cannot understand how I get pieces sewn together wrong, but I find it easy!

  6. Liz says:

    I hope you are not referring to the orange and green fabric as “ugly”. Surely you mean a different fabric. I have that in 2 colourways and I even went back and bought more of the green-on-green. Offhand, I can’t remember which project it was for, but it looked so interesting. Uglies are the best. I understand that better as I grow older and …

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