Process and prioritizing

I have seen the “I took the process pledge” logo on lots of blogs and when I figure out how to put the button on this blog, you will see it. Besides the fact that someone out in QuiltWorld might be interested, what a fabulous way to document a quilt from beginning to end. This post will contain some photos and notes I never thought of taking before. Maybe they would have been scribbled on stray bits of paper and later lost in my sewing room. Even if found at some point , they may have been unlabeled so I would look at them wondering what they were related to. I am totally jazzed about this new electronic journal adventure!

My last post had me working on four projects simultaneously—yikes!  Cooling weather has helped me prioritize the list. Winner’s Bouquet must be my main focus as it is promised for cover—this winter. So onward with history and process. I have always been a hand quilter (family history influence)–mostly in the ditch since although I have considered myself a decent piecer, quilting has not been my forte. My early reaction to machine quilting at shows was nausea. But as time has passed and machine quilting has become an art, my thinking has mellowed. I even bought a new sewing machine and gave it a try. Rather disastrous at this point except when I can use the feed dogs. Last year I wanted to enter a quilt in a show and settled on a hybrid. I machine quilted the blocks in the ditch with invisible thread and added some visible hand quilting. I was pleased with the look and have decided to use it on Winner’s Bouquet.

In my early quilting years I always used muslin as backing—family history again–and also it was readily available in large widths so there were no back seams. Since then I have pieced some backs but for Winner’s Bouquet I ordered a 108” backing called Stonehenge from I was thrilled with how well it blended with my top colors and it has a very soft feel to it. I began “marking” my hand stitching lines with 1/4” quilter’s tape but found the adhesive put a huge drag on my needle. I remembered I had recently bought a washable graphite marker and had already tested it so now I tape, mark and sew. I love the new marker for light fabrics better than anything I’ve used (I have an arsenal of experiments). It comes in a set which includes soapstone for darker fabrics but I haven’t given that one due consideration yet. The instructions DO WARN that while light marks may be removed with water only, dark marks will require soap of some kind. There are photos and ordering info at

Before I sign off I’ll back up one more level for those still interested in this rather lengthy post. I like to experiment with my quilting design before attacking the actual project so I stitched together some of the pieces that did not make it to the final quilt. You can see my thought process at work here and compare with the final (I think) design above.


About quiltfever

I retired in 2004 and have never missed the 8-5 grind even for a minute. Now I spend my time reading, traveling, quilting and trying to learn new things like Spanish and blogging.
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2 Responses to Process and prioritizing

  1. I’ve signed up for the email subscription so I will never miss a post

    I can’t believe you are blogging – this is so cool – you’re going to love it – I have made so many friends by blogging – there are some really nice people out there. Hey – come to think of it I met you through my blog!

    That’s going to be such a pretty quilt – I love spotting the fabics that I gave you.

  2. Tiff says:

    Hi Carol! Thanks for that comment! The Smokies are just beautiful; I’ll miss driving past them since I’m on the west coast now.
    I agree with what you wrote about machine quilting — at first I just didn’t like it at all, but after awhile it seems to grow on you. But I still have yet to do machine quilting. Maybe someday soon!
    I love the colors and pattern of your quilt above! Is it completely finished now?

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