Hello quilting world!

It was not in my plans to become a blogger but after discovering Blogger’s Quilt Festival (Fall 2010) which Amy’s Creative Side coordinates, I feel motivated to join this wonderful community.

Where to begin?  My quilting journey began in 2001 but I’ll save the story of my first quilt for later as I don’t even have a photograph.  I’ll just dive in with what I’m working on right now since that quilt has morphed into four separate projects.  It all began when one of the members in my quilt guild bought the inventory from a quilt shop which was going out of business and was selling her fabrics for $2.50/yard.  What a fun shopping spree that was!  (Some might guess at this point that I have a long habit of being frugal.) 🙂   There was one fabric I liked so much that I bought 2 yards.

I also bought a few purples on that same shopping spree and then started collecting purple, teal and aqua fabrics.  I planned to use them in a Judy Niemeyer pattern for beginners called Wandering Stars.  I had done one paper-pieced project before, learning (with much frustration) as I went along, so the thought here was to learn foundation piecing with some top-notch instruction. It would have been nice if I had chosen this pattern first as it went together nicely. The top is finished but it’s not quilted yet so you will see it again later.  UFO’s are not one of my vices!

I loved working with these colors and had collected so much fabric, I decided to make one more quilt in this palette.  The next one would be the biggest I’ve ever made and would be used on my bed to end the cover fights between DH and myself.  The pattern–Winner’s Bouquet by Atkinson Designs–was introduced to me by another guild member. It is my first attempt at curved piecing. The pattern comes with 3 acrylic templates and excellent written instructions. I am still working on it so again, more later.

Both these quilts would be finished now except for a couple of interesting diversions.  Cutting the dark “petals” left a curved scrap which frugal me hated to throw away so one day I laid a few pieces on a background and decided to sew them down with invisible thread just to see how they looked.  I had never done machine applique and I made several errors on this project but I was just doing it for fun.  I thought I could donate it as a charity quilt to a children’s home which my guild supports.  Well, DH liked it so much that it must live with us for a while at least.  One of my errors was not stabilizing the pieces, especially where there was a little nick toward the point as I did not have a project in mind for these scraps when I was cutting the intended pieces for Winner’s Bouquet.  I have bought some Fray Block for these places.  It will be interesting to see if this little experiment can survive the laundry.

I’m sure at least one of these projects would be finished if another new tangent had not cropped up.  Long story short, let me just say I have a hand-pieced project whose border has been a major problem for me (photos in a later post).  After pouring through quilt books for ideas, I thought maybe a hand-appliqued border would be just the ticket.  Small problem is–I HAVE NEVER DONE HAND APPLIQUE.  But I have a friend who recently won an Honorable Mention for her applique quilt at the Jacksonville (Florida) QuiltFest.  So why should inexperience slow me down.  I had expert help at the ready.  Using some rejects from my big Winner’s Bouquet, I was off and running.

I have to say, this quilting journey has been one of the most interesting and challenging–and certainly the longest–of my quilting career.  I hope you enjoyed the ride and will stay tuned.

About quiltfever

I retired in 2004 and have never missed the 8-5 grind even for a minute. Now I spend my time reading, traveling, quilting and trying to learn new things like Spanish and blogging.
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1 Response to Hello quilting world!

  1. Gigi says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to see and compare the use of the same colors and material in four different quilt patterns.

    The appliqué is beautiful, one would never know it’s your first time using this technique, and the color arrangement nicely balanced.

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